No Photos as Obama’s Circus Moves Forward

After all the hype leading up to the so-called death of Bin Laden at the hands of a just and righteous U.S. Government, White House officials are now rushing to eat their words. No photos. No proof. People both foreign and domestic to the U.S. are filled with skepticism despite the masses who were seen partying, accepting whatever ridiculous garbage officials spoon fed them regarding Bin Laden’s demise. Should this be a surprise?

It’s easy to talk crap day in and day out but it’s something altogether different to back it up when you’re blowing smoke up peoples’ asses. Obviously Obama and the rest of his staff are quite proficient at this. Promise the world proof, then fail to deliver the very next day. Excuse after excuse. It seems pretty clear cut that this whole affair was orchestrated in order to avoid the task of trying to prove what doesn’t exist.

Faked Bin Laden death photo comparison

Bin Laden faked photo comparison.

Early photos surfaced across the internet, supposedly of a murdered Bin Laden. It was obvious they were fakes and poorly altered at that. Many people were able to tell that it was nothing more than a childish attempt to photoshop a disfigured head onto a previously released photo of Bin Laden and upon closer inspection of the photo, inconsistent smudges were glaring mistakes that someone tried to blend the two photos together. Is this why the U.S. government has decided against releasing ‘proof’ of their claims? Obama was quoted as saying “Conspiracy theorists around the world will just claim the photos are doctored anyway”.

I find it awfully suspicious that after faked photos are released and the American people were promised photographic proof, the decision was reversed 24hrs later; not to mention defended on exactly the same basis as people had already discovered, altered photos. One has to wonder if these photo ‘fakes’ weren’t just a trial run to assess how people would react. When realizing how quickly people saw through the scammed photos, did the government then decide against officially releasing their proof as CIA Director Panetta had promised just yesterday? To claim fear of suspicion over photo integrity before it happens is legitimate. To wait until after the fact is just stating the obvious.

Pres. Obama during CBS 60 Minutes interview

Obama speaking with CBS 60 Minutes after news of Osama Bin Laden's death.

Obama is grasping at any excuses he can. Quoted from an interview with CBS 60 Minutes as saying “I think that given the graphic nature of these photos, it would create some national security risk”. Honestly? Enough of the “national security risk” bullshit already. How is an old man sitting in his bedroom half a world away, a decade after an attack he may or may not have initiated on the U.S., a “national security risk”? Is this the same sort of security risk as the 6yr old girl posed when TSA workers frisked her, undoubtedly looking for ‘weapons of mass destruction’ at a New Orleans airport? Pathetic.

Why is it if there’s an ounce to truth in all of this that no one can seem to collaborate and get the story straight? Government officials from the President to CIA Director sound like a bunch of little kids caught in a lie, desperately trying to weasel their way out of it. We’re not talking about a neighborhood watch committee, we’re talking about high salary officials who spend their days in conferences and meetings supposedly ‘governing’ our country.

Many people don’t want to accept any alternative realities than those spoon fed to them via the mass media. They defend what they choose to accept since it comes from ‘reputable’ news sources. Reputable news sources, such as FOX, the Guardian, New York Times, CNN, BBC and World Tribune just to name a few? Those same reputable sources that all concurred Bin Laden was either dead or close to death back in December of 2001. Either there was something to those prior views released by all those sources or else it proves they’re inept and not to be trusted for accurate news. Which of those considerations would you be happy believing?

Bin Laden was assumed to be sick, some said he had Hepatitis C, other reliable sources said he was undoubtedly facing the end stages or renal failure, his life expectancy dropped to only a couple of years considering his impending kidney failure. I suppose if someone assumed to be behind the attacks on U.S. soil back in 2001 were to die of natural causes, it wouldn’t boost Obama’s ratings nearly as well as gunning Bin Laden down in a top secret mission. That would only let the cat out of the bag that this whole ‘war on terror’ has been nothing but an ongoing failed mission from the start.

Odd that every story I’ve personally seen on American news stations has given us an animated diagram re-enacting the raid on Bin Laden’s compound showing the helicopters landing inside the compound as our troops rush around and flank a fleeing Bin Laden before gunning him down. Claims that a woman, his wife (later decided another terrorist’s wife and not Bin Laden’s) was used as a shield, then speculated may have just gotten in the way. So why do these diagrams of the events show our troops flanking Bin Laden and his fellow terrorists outside in the grounds of the compound when Director Panetta clearly tells of how our forces met Bin Laden in a room on the 3rd floor? Clearly a CIA Director should be certain of what transpired in such a high profile, high stakes maneuver. These details seem anything BUT certain.

What about those helicopters that landed inside the walls of the compound? Are these the same helicopters that eye witnesses living in the region complained about as they tried to get sleep that night, the same helicopters live witnesses tell us crashed somewhere outside of Abbottabad near the city of Islamabad? Again, further concealment of the truth and what actually happened. Why would I believe a Pakistani civilian over our own news sources and the President of the U.S. – because they have nothing to gain one way or the other and, unlike the major news agencies bought and paid for by our government, they were actually THERE. These were accurate accounts being shared with the rest of the world as everything unfolded, pure raw info without being subject to lengthy debates as to how fabrications would be made to cover anyone’s ass after the fact.

I don’t believe for one minute that this elaborate nonsensical drama over the death of Bin Laden is anything more than a last ditch effort for President Obama to try and recapture some form of dignity and support after his committees pissed off so many people with potentially withholding pay from our U.S. troops. That it’s any coincidence it’s unfolding just in time to save his ass before the next presidential election, or that it’s offered the government a means to justify their operations in Guantanamo Bay. People like Perez Hilton may express ignorance when he writes “We stand behind our leader on this decision.” but I’m not a fan. Speak for yourself Perez, some of us still have the ability to think for ourselves and will continue to do so.

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