The Cost of Terrorism

An old school teacher of mine once told me “the reason we study history is so we don’t make the same mistakes twice”. ¬†Obviously the decision makers employed by our government missed that point by a mile. Apparently they fell asleep during basic accounting classes as well. Our “war on terrorism” has been nothing but a deficit to our nation and our resources and has truly become a train wreck of bad decisions. When will it be enough?

I’m not some tree hugging liberal or hippie. It’s not all about smoking grass and loving one another and sometimes war is inevitable. At some point you have to realize when you’re on the losing end and stop while you’re behind though. We were all pissed when the events of 9/11/01 filled the airwaves. Of course we wanted revenge if some terrorist was responsible. Within a year or two retaliation would have been sweet justice. Some 15 years and 3 trillion dollars later, it’s no longer a victory.

The war on terror depicting the huge cost to the U.S.

The cost of our "war on terrorism" - Is it really worth it?

Disregarding whether or not we actually succeeded in killing Bin Laden, all conspiracy theories aside. Assume that everything the government tells is true. What has it gotten us? A failing economy, the deaths of countless soldiers, higher fuel costs, wasted government budgets, a corrupt and pointless self-serving “homeland security dept” and the list goes on. Assume Bin Laden is, now what? I don’t see the dissolving of a pointless drain on our rights and funding like homeland security. Our own government poses a stronger threat to the welfare of our country than any terrorist.

Our nation tries to play the role of going ‘green’. Please recycle. What part of going ‘green’ does this 15 year trilogy of bullshit fall under? Not just the cost of war in terms of lives lost, families split up – how about the cost to the people? Rising gas prices which affect everyone. Affects daily commuters, the cost of transporting students daily, mail delivery, transport of goods to consumers that the consumers are taking the hit for (see fuel surcharges on nearly everything). We’re told there are oil shortages driving up the price of fuel, not to mention the ecological effect it’s having on a planet we all claim to be so worried about.

Here’s some food for thought, the M1A2 Abrams tanks you see patrolling cities in the middle east, providing defense to our troops operate at 4 gallons to the mile of fuel. No that isn’t half the fuel economy of a Chevy Suburban; that’s 4 gallons of fuel for every mile driven per tank. Start adding it up, 4 tanks to a platoon; 3 tank platoons, 2 tanks for headquarters, a Bradley APC, 2 Humvees and 2 2.5 ton supply trucks with trailers compose a single company. Fighter jet squadrons, cargo ships and helicopters all burning through fuel that could be powering our cars and trucks and public transportation. Is it any wonder there’s a ‘fuel shortage’ in this country? We’re burning through it like water for the better part of 2 decades, and for what? So we can say we finally tripped over some Al Qaeda jerkoff and managed to put a bullet in his head.

Bin Laden may be dead, and I say may since I’ve still yet to be convinced. Even a best case scenario that this is true, this war has cost our country and our economy far more than a couple of hijacked planes did on 9/11. Start doing the math and you’ll see Bin Laden in effect won. Not due to his direct attacks, but the fact he prayed on our government’s stupidity. We didn’t lose to Al Qaeda, our piss poor government tanked us.

People continue to blindly preach that if we as citizens don’t like the outcomes, express ourselves at the ballots. Voting is a pure waste of time and if you don’t believe me, look at the facts. Republican, Democrat, makes no difference so neither party can claim superiority. Fill a room with any group of people, and see which ones will happily vote for reduced healthcare, higher taxes, rising unemployment, underdeveloped roads, a crumbling education system and higher gas prices contributing to a rising cost of living that’s spiraling out of control. No one? Well according to the theory of voting, someone had to have asked for this. I doubt you’ll find ‘raise taxes’ on any ballot and if you did there would be no hanging chads.

No matter what people vote for, who they vote for, our country as a whole are seeking improvements, not these growing losses that keep drilling us into the ground. Votes don’t count, our government is big business and only concerned with their own well being. Why should they care if social security is going down the tubes, our taxes cover their ass first with continued pay and better benefits than most of us receive years after they’ve left office.

I think it’s about time as a nation we give the government a little tough love the way a parent does with an irresponsible child to encourage them to grow up. Stop paying taxes and cut them off, let our government find their own funding. They take our hard earned money and we don’t benefit from it. They piss it down the drain on whatever they feel like and it’s got to stop. The U.S. government works for the people, not the other way around. Reduce congressman’s pay to minimum wage and teach them to appreciate the value of a dollar so they’ll stop wasting OURS. People say we complain too much, Americans are whiners – we PAY our government out of OUR pockets to work for US, so we have every right to bitch when they take our money and fail to deliver.

For a more in-depth view at the costs of this pointless clusterfuck we’ve engaged in overseas in the Middle East, here’s a great article that covers not only our monetary losses, but our underlying losses as a nation in many respects. Read it here.

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