Debate Over Censored Hasidic News Photo

President Obama/White House staff during Bin Laden raid.

Pres. Obama and staff in conference watching Bin Laden raid unfold.

Welcome to America, the land of the free – the culturally diverse nation where we preach acceptance of people’s differences, then turn right around and mock those who express their differing views. In my opinion, another whirlwind controversy over something as ignorant as the failure to accept that some people might have different views.

News stories have pointed out that a Hasidic newspaper (Der Tzitung) posted their version of an altered photo where the women have been edited out of the photo. Technically this was in violation of the terms of the released press photo that stated it was not to be altered. The biggest debate seems to be over the fact that the women were edited out in the first place. (Read the original Yahoo! News story here.)

View of Hillary Clinton removed from Der Tzitung newspaper.

H. Clinton and A. Tomason removed from Der Tzitung news photo.

In light of the Hasidic beliefs, it was done as a form of what most of us would consider exercising extreme modesty. Most of the people complaining aren’t even Hasidic, don’t understand their beliefs nor do they respect them. So what if they feel that images of women could potentially lead to what they consider sexually inappropriate displays of women? They’re conservative, big deal. In some European regions people walk around topless while even a large percentage of our liberal citizens would never consider walking about with their naughty bits exposed. They see us as prudes, same as those bashing the Hasidic people.

It’s all in the eye of the beholder and comes down to personal beliefs. What happened to accepting other people and cultures? Is this how we show our acceptance, calling their actions backwards, ignorant and sexist? If you’re not a part of the Hasidic culture, I don’t think it’s your place to talk shit about them. Judging by the photo of the newsprint in question, I doubt it affects those of you bashing it since it’s obviously not written in english to begin with.

Get a grip, it’s obviously a religious based news source, not the N.Y. Times, USA Today or the Chicago Tribune. I’d like to know which of you bitching about it hold a subscription to the Der Tzitung. Had it not been for a bunch of bored press members, I would bet dollars to donuts that none of you even knew the Der Tzitung existed in the first place. If the Hasidic culture is too conservative for you then I suggest you move on to a religion more to your liking. It would seem apparent that those who ARE a part of the Hasidic community, both men and women, are perfectly fine with their traditions and views.

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