Pride in Prejudice is about free thinking. It’s about looking at the things around us and coming to our own conclusions instead of simply accepting what we’re expected to. People have become extremely timid, afraid to voice their opinions for fear of offending others. It’s disgusting to see so many sheep under constant censorship, no mind of their own.

Prejudice is often associated with negativity; sexism, racism and other forms of ignorant hatred. To have prejudice also means to exercise bias, express your differences. People should embrace their views, it’s part of who they are. Modern times have become so vanilla, so grey that they lack substance. Reluctance to venture forward has never shaped society as a whole. Instead it’s what causes us to fall into ruts and stagnate.


Note: This blog is written by an adult and intended for adults. The content, while not sexually explicit in nature (this isn’t a porn site), contains thoughts and ideas of a mature nature. It embraces freedom of speech. In other words, this is not Disney. If you’re offended then I apologize – go here and find something more to your liking. Keep in mind this is a commentary based on the author’s opinions and even though news stories may be referenced, these works are based on opinion and not responsible or liable for factual errors. Enjoy your visit. – Admin

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