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The Cost of Terrorism

The war on terror depicting the huge cost to the U.S.

An old school teacher of mine once told me “the reason we study history is so we don’t make the same mistakes twice”.  Obviously the decision makers employed by our government missed that point by a mile. Apparently they fell asleep during basic accounting classes as well. Our “war on terrorism” has been nothing but a deficit to our nation and our resources and has truly become a train wreck of bad decisions. When will it be enough? I’m not some tree hugging liberal or … Continue reading

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Bin Laden Capture is a Joke

I’ll apologize for any seemingly unpatriotic references up front. Don’t get me wrong, I support our troops and all their efforts. What I don’t support are the morons making the decisions at our nation’s capitol. With that being said: Dear Pres. Obama – you are the biggest douchebag. I’m embarrassed for all the media and people in the US right now cheering that Bin Laden is dead. Get a clue everyone, this was NOT a win. This was a complete and total clusterfuck. Nothing more, nothing … Continue reading

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